The medals for KIM2015 are absolutely adorable!

Look at this!

42 f

42 b

Now look at this:



And this:



Now, in comparison with last year’s medal:


Just how adorable are the medals for the Kuching International Marathon this year? ūüėÄ

There is only one correct answer, and if you did not answer ‘TOO ADORABLE’, then I suggest you spend the next couple of hours watching cat videos on YouTube to melt that cold, frozen heart of yours because cats are God’s greatest gift to mankind because they are and because I say so.

To my international readers, if you’re wondering why the medals are in the shape of a cat’s head, that’s because the word ‘Kuching’ in Malay translates to ‘cat’. I know, right? Cat.¬†Cat. Cat. Cat. Meow. Best city name, ever (Sorry Kuala Lumpur, or¬†muddy confluence).

This is the official vest and finishers’ T-shirt for the event this year:

42 j

42 t

And the 42km route, for good measure:

42 r

Not that this helps anything, but you know… pretending to know what I am on about, and all that.

Needless to say, I’m super excited about getting my hands on the medal this year. The cut off time is 6.5 hours, which is decent cut off timing, if I don’t fall and dislocate my kneecap again.

Registration is still open, and you can sign up by clicking on this link.


Training? More like… failing


To be fair, I usually end up in a box after running a marathon.


Blood, gore, and a dislocated kneecap aside, training for a marathon is really,¬†really not fun. Sure, when you fall into a high, it’s undoubtedly one of¬†the best feelings in the world, but I’ve only ever experienced that high once (pushing twice) ever since I started running (7/8 years?). The rest of the time it’s pain, sweat, tears, torn muscles, pain, blood, bile – all the pretty things!

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing I love more than a good run – whether it’s just training, or racing, or for the fun of it (very rare!), but running can be very daunting at times, especially when training from scratch after a year-long hiatus.


My return to running has been extremely slow, and disheartening. It has been 20 days since¬†I started training¬†again¬†(and only 60 days to KIM2015), and I’m still running 10K in more than an hour. So far, my best timing for 10K is a slow 1:15:27 – almost 30 minutes longer than my PB! Moreover, despite completely cutting out processed foods from my diet and only sticking to a clean eating regiment, I’ve not lost any weight, which means I am still¬†way, way¬†above my ideal race weight (Current weight: 56.1kg; Race weight: 48kg). Jesus.¬†I have really let myself go.


On the plus side, I guess I am getting faster (albeit very slowly) as I can easily cover an 8km distance in an hour Р2km faster than when I first started out! But I am unhappy with progress, because frankly, training (and losing weight!) has never been this slow and difficult, ever.

But hey – a slow run is still better than no run, right? Unless you have a 42km race coming up in 2 months, then essentially you’re very much in deep sh-

Marathon “training”

So my law finals are finally over, and I’m back into running again. It feels like almost¬†yesterday, I was hiding in a bush while out on a run with the Cardiff University triathlon club. Now that exams are over and I’m done with law school, I have decided to slowly easy back into running again – BY SIGNING UP TO RUN THE KUCHING INTERNATIONAL MARATHON IN AUGUST. Because what better way to get off my lazy ass and start training again?


I had participated in the Kuching Marathon 2014, which was held exactly a week after the previous marathon I ran (The Island Ocean Marathon 2014, in Langkawi). Needless to say, running two marathons over two weekends was extremely tough, and I had not performed well – you know, lack of training; binge eating; doing what I do best (being lazy). But this time, it’s going to be different. Why? Because I say so.¬†And because everything said on the internet must be true.


To avoid more¬†bush-hiding incidents, I decided¬†that the best way to ease back into running is by signing up to the gym next to my flat. Why? Because I said so.¬†Because running on a treadmill makes you look like you’re running much faster than you really are (Disclaimer: No substantial evidence of this, but you can take my word for it, just like everything else I say. I know what I am talking about. Really). Plus, what are the chances of you taking a wrong turn and getting lost? Also if you get tired or bored, you¬†have the option of¬†posing coolly next to the water fountain,

Look at this kid. You want to be like this kid.

Look at this kid. You want to be like this kid. #lifegoals

or just going home – but don’t forget to take a gym selfie before you do!


No, I kid. You are a psycho if you take gym selfies.

So this morning I put on my running shoes and Fitbit Charge before heading to EasyGym at Capitol Mall in Cardiff City Centre. It was raining, BUT NO RAIN CAN STOP ME FROM MAKING FULL USE OF MY GYM MEMBERSHIP (#kiasu). Plus, the gym was almost empty and I the choice of any treadmill I wanted. Obviously, I picked the same one I always run on.

The treadmills in EasyGym are much newer and have more functions than the gyms in Malaysia (take note, Celebrity Fitness).


Given that the last time I ran was almost a month ago, I decided to set my pace between 7km/h and 8km/h today. Of course, I’m slightly disheartened¬†as I used to smash run 10km within 50 minutes – but hey!¬†You gotta start somewhere (again)! Instead of paying attention to how far I should run, I focused on how far I can run in 1.5 hours. Answer: Not very far.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 8.23.31 PM

That’s not very far, considering I took about 40 minutes more than my usual¬†previous performance. However, I can’t say that I’m disappointed, as I genuinely believed that I would have performed much worse. Of course I will shave off the minutes with more training, which I hope is every day. And it will be.


Considering I have 1.5 months of¬†absolutely nothing to do, and nowhere to go until graduation,¬†it’s the least I can do. I hope.

Plus, it would be great to find out how well (or badly) my 8th full marathon goes, with only 73 days of training.

Today, I hid in a bush while out running in a group

If ever there was a zombie apocalypse, or if for any reason running was the only option to preserve humanity РI, Lisa J. Ariffin, self-proclaimed running reporter Рhereby offer myself as first tribute because:

1. I am a nice person.


2. I cannot run to save my life. (This is¬†secondary. I’m doing it because I’m a nice person. Really)

There you have it. I cannot run to save my life. In fact, I cannot run 1km now without stopping to catch my breath.

Hey Lisa! Remember when you used to run full marathons for fun?


I do not.

As per my 2015 resolutions, I had vowed to attend every single triathlon club meet this semester Рand attend I did. Yesterday, I was the first to show up at the cycling tracks and first to go home (after 5 minutes) because I did not have a helmet with me and was not allowed to participate. Today, I was the first to show up for interval training and first to go home (after 5 minutes) because I could not keep up with the running group.

Yes. I was left trailing the rest of the 30-or-so group. I was left trailing so far behind that I decided to hide in a bush until they turned a corner, then I walked home. My “run” was less than 1km.

So how did I manage to go from this:


To this:

1. I don’t¬†know, really.

2. Might be the weather, really.

This is not an excuse. Seriously, it might be.

As you likely know, I now reside in lovely Cardiff, where the people are (somewhat) friendly, food is (somewhat) tasty, drinking water is free (tap), parks are beautiful, milk is cheap, potatoes are abundant, and weather is shit.

Presently, the temperature outside is 6¬įC, “which is warmer now than when you were back in Malaysia for the holidays”, said Dom.¬†I don’t care. It’s freezing and it hurts my chest and lungs when I run.

To be fair, the first time I tried running outdoors was yesterday evening. Weather was warmer then, and at 7¬įC, I was out running in shorts. And by running, what I really mean is¬†struggling. I could not run 400m without stopping to catch my breath. If ever there was a point in life when I sunk to the lowest – that was it. That gut wrenching few seconds when I stopped, bent over, put my hands on my knees, and almost fainted from exhaustion.


I walked 11.1km anyway, but what is going on here? Whatever happened to running 6 hours without stopping? Whatever happened to running 1km without stopping? What happened to running 500m without dying? (Figuratively of course, you Grammar nazis)

I now fear the next triathlon meet on Thursday and would likely cry in bed instead while the others are out on their long-distance training.


Seriously though, is it the weather that’s making breathing difficult? Or has my body given up on me completely?

I guess I shall find out on Thursday. For live updates, follow me on Twitter @lisajariffin as I tweet from the back of the running pack, or behind a bush.

Run more than 1,500km in 2015? Challenge accepted.

Last year, a very enthusiastic running reporterreporter by profession, runner by self-declaration – made a list of 4 resolutions to be fulfilled in the now-decidedly eventful year of 2014. Among this was the impossible¬†resolution of running 56K a week, which she… I mean, I, obviously did not commit to. Nonetheless, I had managed to complete the targeted 2XU full marathon in March, along with 5 other 42K runs¬†throughout the year (including two full marathons within a week!). Surely, this trumps running 8K a day until March? First resolution – fulfilled. Sort of.


My second resolution was to run 1,000km in 2014, WHICH I TOTALLY SMASHED.

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 4.49.51 AM

That’s me… running 1,020km in 2014. You can’t see it on the chart, so you’ll have to take my word for it. Because you know, whatever that is on the Internet must be true. That’s why it’s on the Internet. Because it’s true.


I then figured out how to balance full-time work and full-time studies. The solution was so simple, really! I don’t know why I did not think of it sooner. Basically, all I had to do was quit my job.


Lastly, I vowed to pass second year law and achieve good enough grades to get into Cardiff law school.


 Hallo! I did it. I am in the UK now.

And there you have it! All four 2014 resolutions fulfilled in their own special way. No more unrealistic resolutions for this lazy law student running reporter! Which of course, brings me to the much-dreaded much-anticipted resolutions of 2015:

1. Run more than 1,500km this year.

It’s really not so bad when you think about it, really. 1,500km in 365 days would average 4.1km a day. Therefore, if I run a full marathon (42K), I can not run for the next 9 days. Therefore, if I run one full marathon a month, I can have 9 rest days a month.¬†However, I would have to train adequately so¬†I won’t get injured along the way. Therefore, I would have to run almost every day to clock in enough miles. Therefore, I would probably be lazy and stay in bed and watch TV and binge on cake. #seemslegit #logicalLisa

2. Get into Bar school in London.

This is likely the hardest thing to do this year, because a) The entry requirements are particularly challenging; and b) I am forced to resit an English test which I almost failed the first time around.


3. Actually attend triathlon training/ rifle club meetings.

One of the main reasons I chose Cardiff University was for¬†their competitive Triathlon Club. I had decided to join the Club long before I decided to join the University. Needless to say, I signed up to the Club at the first opportunity presented (at the University’s Sports Fair). Excitedly, I bought a road bike, I bought triathlon gear, and I bragged to everybody about finally becoming a triathlete. I have not been to a single training since.

I’m doing pretty alright in rifle club, though! I have been to a whopping¬†three¬†meetings in the first semester and have shot 40 bullets in total. That’s more shorts fired in the month of October, 2014 than in my previous 24 years in existence. Of course, the rifle club meets at the range twice a week and my attendance has been shameful, to say the least.

Hence, my third New Year’s resolution is to attend as many club meets as possible, and¬†try not to come up with excuses to slack from training.

4. I know I’ve said losing weight will never be on a resolutions list, but my current situation is dire.

This was what I looked like in February, 2014:


This was what I looked like in March, 2014:


This was what I looked like in June, 2014:


This was what I looked like on December 28, 2014/ now:


Holy. Shit. Moly.

This is bad bad bad. But this is not going to be one of those usual I’m going to lose weight resolutions that I will stick to for a month, then binge as soon as I get the opportunity to. Nope. I’m going to binge whenever I want.

This resolution is useless, and already not going well.


5. Lastly, sort out my time and finances accordingly.

This is crucial for most things in my life; from studying, to training, to dating, and to living, in general. I need to set aside time to train as much as I need time to study (this is still my priority). Moreover, I need to stop spending unnecessarily (goodbye, unnecessary sweets and snacks and all things delicious; goodbye, 10 different pairs of shoes; goodbye, wearing a different outfit each day), as moving to London will be expensive. What I need to do now, is go out and get myself a 2015 organizer because the planner on my smartphone is too complicated for me I am so hipster, like that. That is all.

FIVE (somewhat) realistic New Year’s resolutions this year, including the evergreen I will lose¬†weight this year¬†vow. And I will. You just watch.

Despite the unfortunate events that have befallen my beloved Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku¬†this year, I daresay this has been one of my best years yet! I left my job with a string of impactful new stories under my belt; I have been crowned¬†was named top student in class (again);¬†I’ve completed 6 full marathons and numerous shorter races;¬†I’ve had my heart broken many times before I found the one to mend it completely. #luckyLisa

So here’s to a more eventful and fruitful 2015! May¬†all our wishes come true this year. With a little effort and self-belief, I am pretty sure they will ūüôā


Greetings from Cardiff!

Ironic. As I am leaving Cardiff soon, and returning to Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku over the weekend.

But this post is not about conquering Cardiff. This post is about¬†my exploits as The Running Reporter – Also ironic. Because I am no longer a reporter by profession. And mainly, because I have given up on running, unless it is running after cute boys. I had many times considered changing the name of my blog, but I doubt “The Lazy Law Student” would get as many hits and followers.

So what have I been up to in the last 6 months?

1. Running more full marathons.

3 more, to be precise. That brings the count to a total of 7 full marathons in my lifetime, 6 in 2014 alone – not bad, I think!

I ran the Melaka River International Marathon in record-breaking time РStepping across an invisible finish line after the organizers had packed up and left. In my defense, I was running walking with a first-time marathoner friend who was struggling after the first 10K.


melaka medal

I travelled to Kuching, East Malaysia, where Reuben was nothing short of a perfect host and dear friend, while I ran the Kuching International Marathon.



I also made some new chubby friends in East Malaysia. #bff


Before pan-frying and eating them for breakfast. #shortlivedfriendship



I ran the Island Ocean Marathon in Langkawi, where I slept in a stuffy car for two nights because I was too much of a miser to stay in a hotel. Note to self: Sleeping in a car before and after a full marathon is definitely in top 3 on my #StupidLisa list.


2. I ate a lot of bread. A lot of bread.

gardenia bakeries


One month before my second year law finals, I woke up realizing I had only a month before my second year law finals. In a state of panic, I had locked myself in my room and survived solely on a plain loaf of Gardenia bread a day. And coffee. So. Much. Damn. Coffee. And that, was how I got a first in my exams and was crowned was named top student in class.

Note to readers: The Lisa Bread Diet has been ill-advised against by all dietitians, health professionals and anyone with a working brain. Follow at own risk.

3. I moved to Cardiff, Wales.



This photo was taken in Bath, England. But I’m in the UK, you get the gist.

Cardiff was depressing at first, as I came here alone. However, over the weeks, I found friends who share similar interests in laundry and omelettes, and we formed a laundry and omelette orgy. I could not be happier.


I have an official boyfriend (it’s on Facebook. Can’t get more official than that), and we look great together.


Dom-the-boyfriend even took me to Comic Con, where I got a picture taken with a star of the TV series “Game of Thrones” – Only later, I realized I had mistaken the actor for somebody else. But only later!


I said hello to a phone booth.¬†No, that’s not a typo. I said hello to it. Not inside it.


And I conquered Cardiff Castle in my Adventure Time hat! I went there, and was like: “I want to go inside! Let me in!” They were so impressed, they gave me a Key to the Castle.


Disclaimer: If you live or work in Cardiff you can apply for a Castle Key which gives you FREE admission to this world-class heritage attraction for 3 years. There is an administration charge of £5 per Castle Key card issued. For more information, visit here.

4. I joined a gym.

Then I quit that gym.

5. I started third year law.

Third year law is not going well. I don’t want to talk about it.

6. I found this awesome hat.

burger head

7. I finally got a box for all my medals!


There you have it! An extensive list of the past 6 months of my life, excluding really important and eventful moments.

As I will be back in sunny Kuala Lumpur for 5 weeks, I cannot use¬†bitch weather cold weather as an excuse not to run outdoors anymore. This could only mean… I must come up with a better excuse, and quick.

Or I could lace up my running shoes, go outside, take a selfie, and boast on social media about how far I’ve walked from my room to the front of my house.

Or I could actually run the usual 10K a day.




Race Report: Borneo International Marathon 2014

Marathons are memorable, to say the least. Then you have really memorable marathons that you wish you could forget, like how the recent Borneo International Marathon (BIM) 2014 was for me. Before you jump all over me, let me clarify that there was nothing wrong with the race per se, but I had such a horrible time in Borneo that I wish to forget last weekend completely.

But after this race report.

My trip to Sabah had been ill-planned from the start. I had signed up for the marathon early this year, but left ticketing to the very last minute as I was hoping a particular somebody would join me on another adventure Рwe ended up fighting and severing all communication instead. Brilliant.


Fortunately, my usual partner in crime Reuben had decided to run the full marathon, so I paid RM530 (stupid, expensive, stupid) for a return flight and met him at the very boring Kota Kinabalu Airport on Friday before transporting ourselves to collect our race packs at Suria Sabah mall.

race pack

What annoyed me most – this is entire my fault, but doesn’t mean I cannot be annoyed – was that the official running top was a shirt, not a vest. Being the genius I am, I had decided to run in official running gear¬†for the first time ever and left my usual racing vest back home. In Kuala Lumpur. In West Malaysia. 1755km away. And¬†hell no was I going to run in a shirt. And die of heatstroke. Or chafe to death. Whichever comes first. So Reuben and I searched the mall for a suitable running vest, but¬†hell no was I going to pay RM100++ for something I already have. Back home. In KL. Therefore, it was on this day (Friday, May 2, 2014), I decided to run¬†without a top on.


Because nobody was going to stop me, I decided to have only cake for food on Friday evening.


I ate so much cake, I felt like throwing up. Then I ate more cake.


And took a picture of my smug face while I was at it.

Okay, cakes and happy happy joyness aside. On the first night itself, I was 1. Almost raped, 2. Mistaken for a prostitute; and 3. Outran a mugger. In that order. I’m particularly proud of the 3rd incident, so I¬†will completely ignore/ forget the first two incidents and tell you all about the silly mugger who stupidly picked on a runner. Unfortunately, there is nothing much to tell. It was dark. He creeped up from behind before running after me, shouting: “Where is your bag?” (I told you he was silly!). So I outran him back to the hotel. The end.

Of course, being sexually assaulted and almost getting mugged (on the first day!) had put a right damper on my trip. I was very upset when I woke the next day and refused to do anything else other than eat. Which was fine, really, because eating makes me happy. Plus, I had 20% vouchers for this lovely restaurant called Little Italy which was just around the corner from my hotel. SO I BINGED ON


Which wasn’t very clever, because I completely forgot that I was going to run without a top the next day.

Nonetheless, I did not really care and slept like a baby when I got back to the hotel. Then I woke up, got myself a caramel drizzle from Starbucks, and went back to sleep. Only to miss our transportation to the stadium at 1am (I could swear the website said 2am). BUT NO WORRIES! A taxi took us to Stadium Likas in no time, and we had an hour to kill before the race started. So what do runners do at 2am before a race? Why, this, of course:


Stupid, greasy face. You could fry an egg on my forehead :-/

As mentioned previously, the race was not the source of my displeasure with the Land Below the Wind. In fact, I ran a full marathon PB at 5 hours and 51 minutes! Yes, I know that’s not great timing, but I had never run a sub-6 before, so I’m very¬†thrilled! Plus, unlike previous runs¬†where I had to walk after 21K or so, I could run up to 32K before dying ¬†walking the rest of the way. A for improvement!¬†ūüėÄ

Moreover, I opine this was one of the tougher marathon courses I’ve run, no thanks to the immensely humid weather and steep hills. But I completed it ūüôā And I got a pretty awesome medal to add to my box o’ medals.


My next race will be the Brooks Run Happy obstacle race next weekend, and I’m not looking forward to that. I have not been strength training at all, and am wary I would injure myself before my next full marathon at the end of this month.

Fingers crossed! I will magically be super fit by end of next week. Because miracles do happen once in awhile.

If you pray hard enough.

*snort* *snigger* *snort*