Day 4

I would’ve skipped writing today (BLASPHEMY!), but I’m actually getting messages from fans friends asking me to update my blog. Aww, I’m so glad you enjoy laughing at my life.

Today has got to be the most unproductive day I’ve had since moving to London, and I’ve had days when I just slept in all day – STUDENT LIFE, BITCHES!


I guess I did a bit of exercise – I walked from the bedroom into the kitchen and made myself a sandwich, making sure I worked out both my legs and arms. I then carried the sandwich on a plate into the living room, honing my balance and coordination. I did this twice today, so that’s two sets in total.


Also, K raised me music about my life and I ended up writing a song about R because I’m a little emo shit I couldn’t find one to relate to. You can listen to the beautiful amazing song I wrote here. I’ve posted its lyrics in the description, so that’s your laugh of the day.

Lisa always aims to please.